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Trixie Vector Without Medallion :iconrobocheatsy:RoboCheatsy 19 17
A Dazzling Tale ~ Chapter 17
A/N: Sorry for posting this so late!  This chapter isn't as full or long as it could be, as the song takes up most of this chapter.  Now I see why they didn't write most of the songs in the Rainbow Rocks book! XD  Oh well, live and learn, right? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Before I could react, Sunset spoke.  "You're never gonna get away with this," she said.  "Why?  Because you didn't?" I sneered. 
    I paced around Sunset just to make her uneasy, noticing she was a bit hurt by my words already.  
    "Oh, we know all about you, Sunset Shimmer.  You've got quite the reputation here at Canterlot High," I said. 
    I made sure to dig up as much dirt as I could on Sunset, thinking we may end up at a confrontation like this. 
    "I've changed!" Sunset protested, almost to tears. "I'm in a much better place now!" 
:iconrobocheatsy:RoboCheatsy 2 5
Sunset Shimmer Wallpaper :iconrobocheatsy:RoboCheatsy 28 8 Sour Sweet Wallpaper :iconrobocheatsy:RoboCheatsy 17 9 Adagio Dazzle Wallpaper :iconrobocheatsy:RoboCheatsy 29 15
A Dazzling Tale ~ Chapter 16
Chapter 16:  Battle... begin!
A/N: Here's where we start getting into the main portion of the story!  Hope you enjoy it!  I don't think this one is as interesting as the others, but it's still pretty good if I do say so myself. :)
    The girls and I walked into the Canterlot High auditorium.  Everyone was ironically calm, but that wasn't going to last very long.  Celestia and Luna walked out onto the stage, both holding a microphone.  We heard the mic come on.
    "Welcome to the first ever Canterlot High School Battle of the Bands!" Celestia said.  "I believe I speak for everyone when I say it is by far the greatest thing we've ever done at this school!"
    The students cheered loudly. 
    "We are so glad our three newest students encouraged us to turn this event into something exciting!" Celestia continued. 
    I tossed my ba
:iconrobocheatsy:RoboCheatsy 2 0
Rotom Sketch :iconrobocheatsy:RoboCheatsy 10 14 My Pokemon Moon Team :iconrobocheatsy:RoboCheatsy 5 7 Pikachu Vector :iconrobocheatsy:RoboCheatsy 32 10 The Pear of Salamanca :iconrobocheatsy:RoboCheatsy 4 2
A Dazzling Tale ~ Chapter 15
Chapter 15: The Unexpected
A/N: This chapter contains some light shipping, so if you don't like shipping just skip over some of it.  It's not super important to know in order to understand the rest of the story.  Don't say I didn't warn you!  If you're going to read this chapter, make sure you read Chapter 14 first.  Also, if you can spot the Fluffle Puff reference, you get a cookie. :3
    "Okay, for a long while now I've known you're evil, but despite that..." Sunset's voice trailed off. 
    Gah!  Don't leave me hanging.  "Go on, despite that what?" I said. 
    Sunset cheeks began turning pink.  "I've kind of had, well, um, have, a bit of a crush on you," she said, trying to avoid my gaze.
    I began blushing in spite of myself.  Was that why I get so upset when Aria mentions there may be somet
:iconrobocheatsy:RoboCheatsy 2 5
RoboCheatsy Fan Club Group Icon :iconrobocheatsy:RoboCheatsy 5 0 Acrylic Radiance :iconrobocheatsy:RoboCheatsy 44 41 RoboCheatsy Fan Button!!! :iconrobocheatsy:RoboCheatsy 10 5
A Dazzling Tale ~ Chapter 14
Chapter 14: The Kickoff to the Battle

    Finally, it was the end of the school day.  The girls and I headed toward the gym where the whatever for Battle of The Bands was being held.  For some reason, Sunset didn't seem to want to tag along with us, which I don't mind at all.  She probably went to hang out with her so called "friends" and help them out.
    We walked in and everyone else seemed to already be there.  We walked over closer to the bleachers.  We only stayed there for a few seconds, however, before Sonata dragged us off to the table where the fruit punch was.  
    "C'mon you have to try it!" she said.
    "Sonata, I don't want to try your fruit punch," I said.  
    "I'll try it," Aria volunteered.  
    "You just want try it so you can insult Sonata," I said, rolling my eyes.  
:iconrobocheatsy:RoboCheatsy 3 5
Adagio Finale Outfit v2 :iconrobocheatsy:RoboCheatsy 31 6
No Requests by SweetDuke Commissions - Open by SweetDuke Trades - Ask Me by SweetDuke

(Read these rules of further information on comissions:
Art trades: Maybe… Ask me about them.


Inked Sketch
A sketch outlined with an ink pen.  
I can draw ponies, Koopas (like the Koopalings and Bowser Jr., but not Bowser and any of the minions), Equestria Girls style humans (I'm willing to draw characters that aren't from Equestria Girls as long as you're okay with me drawing it in Equestria Girls style), and Pokémon.

Cost 1500 points or $15 (USD)

Please make sure you review the
A simple, uncolored pencil sketch with absolutely no background (unless you count the paper I used XD).  Can be done on plain or lined paper, your choice.  

Cost 1000 points or $10 (USD)

Please review the

Digital Art (Shaded)
A shaded digital drawing.  These take a while so please be patient.  These have the most detail of all of my artwork, therefore they take very long to do.  Check my gallery for more examples.

This cost 3000 points or $30 (USD)

Please review the

Traditional Art
A traditional drawing colored with markers, inked, and shaded to the best of my ability.  Traditional drawings will have minimal shading/light and no background (unless it's something very simple, like one big star behind the character)

This one costs 2000 points or $20.

Please review the

A vector of a character from an animated TV show or movie.  These will not have any shading unless there's shading in the picture I am vectoring.  I can do original characters, just send me an SFW reference.  These can take days to complete.

Costs 2000 points or $20 (USD)

Sorry if the price is a bit high; these take me an incredibly long time to do and I refuse to work for cheap.

Please review the rules.


Twinata- Fall Formal Date :iconktd1993:kTd1993 26 10 Senpai :iconihartshadow:ihartshadow 2 10 Player Select -Ver 2 :iconladdylegasus:LaddyLegasus 65 74
Watch this.
  Watch this video and learn then share the video :3
:iconrubyroseamaani:RubyRoseAmaani 2 0
Give Me 3 Names
Give me three names, and like the picture says, I'll tell you who I would kiss, marry, and kill.
You may give me names from anybody in any fandom, irl people ( celebtrities for example ), and even people here on DA ( including yourself )
Since I will never do these things, it's fun to see the results of this, and how hard it will be to decide CX
But that's what makes it fun
:iconglitchedrainbow:GlitchedRainbow 3 23
Pichu, Pikachu and Raichu Colorful Place :iconpuswi:Puswi 16 10 Ask Cupcake Slash :iconwubcakeva:WubcakeVA 81 128
Witch-hunts and why you should be worried
Disclaimer:  This is another rant having to do with politics and culture so if you don't like these things, feel free to skip out on it or simply unfollow my journals.  I have just as much of a right to complain about these things just as much as you have a right to disagree with me and completely block me out.  If you are going to read, however, please read the entire thing before commenting and be respectful and think before you speak.
So just recently, acclaimed political commentator, Bill O'Reilly was fired from Fox News over alleged sexual harassment.  It came out recently that he had harassed some women and once the news broke, tons of advertisers pulled their ads from the Fox News Channel putting them in a very bad spot.  Bill didn't seem to make much of an effort to address this issue nor did he seem to let it bother him considering this is not the first time it has happened, but eventually, Fox News caved in and had to let him go to avoid what c
:iconaleximusprime:AleximusPrime 11 50
MLP 383 :iconshiibases:ShiiBases 521 37
now i need rest i sick in my stomach :(
hello all now this week i can't continue drawing
because i sick in my stomach but don't worry in next monday i can do continue drawing soon :)
:iconluckreza8:luckreza8 2 19
Active Watchers?
If you're active and still interested by my art, comment here. If you aren't, then unwatch or try to be active. When I say active, it doesn't mean to fave every of my deviation, just sometimes appear in my notifications. I'll make a list of active watchers. Will be updated often.
Actual Active Watchers Count: 12
:iconpimisatraw:Pimisatraw 2 27
DeviantArt On Copyright/Tracing/Referencing
"Copyright and Your DeviantArt Submission
Here at DeviantArt we respect the rights of all artists and creative people worldwide and we expect our members to also demonstrate that respect and assist us in creating a beneficial and positive atmosphere for all DeviantArt visitors and members.
The bottom line is: Just about anything that is on this site, on the web, on TV, on CD's, on DVD's, in books & in magazines is probably copyrighted by someone.
Copyright can be a confusing territory for many people. In many cases the natural confusion over the sometimes varied circumstances surrounding copyright will lead people to rely on rumor or myth more often than the actual law which naturally confuses the matter even more.
In this document we will attempt to eliminate some of the confusion and counter many of the myths surrounding copyright and to present clearly the DeviantArt policies and practices with regard to copyright. The availability of this document should not be construed
:icontreepencil:TreePencil 14 8
.:Character Development Trait List:.
Please link back to this blank copy in your post! Thanks!
ANSWER 0/5 TO 5/5
:iconprenncooder:PrennCooder 96 63
Screenshot Redraw :iconbronyfroyo:BronyFroYo 4 2 [DL] EQG 4 Camper Fluttershy 3D Model V3.0 :iconfluttershy-ek:Fluttershy-ek 119 54 I think i'm gonna break my high heels! xD :iconprincessfireshiner:princessFireShiner 5 4


Allow me start off by saying that this is my first critique; so please forgive me if it's not very well written. I shall try to make th...

Personality Quizzes!

I love personality quizzes, it's always interesting to see what result I get and I'm usually surprised! :D

Which Pokemon Villain Are You?
Which Pokemon Villain Are You?
Hosted By Anime
What Element Of Harmony Are You?
What Element Of Harmony Are You?
Hosted By Anime
What Alicorn Princess Are You?
What Alicorn Princess Are You?
Hosted By Anime
The Sirens

My beautiful OC

This is Acrylic Radiance™. She is the first OC I ever posted to this site and I'm proud to say that I designed her. I have designed other OCs in the past but never grew to really love them. Acrylic Radiance is different; I absolutely fell in love with the design I gave her and I'd based her off of myself. I hope you all like her as much as I do.
Acrylic Radiance by RoboCheatsy

Custom box background by :iconsad-duel:


Get access to cool rewards and show your support for my work!


General information:

:bulletpurple: The process for initiating a request for commissioned work by me for you is as follows:
You send me a note via DeviantArt (put "Comission" in the subject) with your art commission request (please make sure you read the commission rules under the heading below before contacting me.)

:bulletpurple: I will respond with some questions so that we both can be certain of the details of your commission request

:bulletpurple: Upon an agreement of the work to be done by me for you, a PayPal invoice will be sent to you
Upon receipt of your payment, work will begin

:bulletpurple: On the invoice will be a description of our agreement, including the details of the work that will be done; the amount to be paid by you; and an approximate date you can expect the work to be completed and to be posted on my DeviantART.

:bulletpurple: There are NO refunds, so please review the invoice and ask any questions before submitting your payment. Invoices expire five days from the date I send it to you.

:bulletpurple: Prices will vary.

Comission Rules

:bulletpurple: Only one per person please! I do not have time to do multiple pieces for one person!

:bulletpurple: Nothing weird/gross

:bulletpurple: No “fat” Equestria Girls/ponies/characters

:bulletpurple: No NSFW/mature content/questionable or saucy material (I.e. Characters in skimpy outfits or anything that hint at stuff that’s inappropriate)

:bulletpurple: No characters in swimsuits or undergarments

:bulletpurple: No vore/fetishes of any kind

:bulletpurple: If you ask me to do an OC, please show me an SFW picture of your OC so I know what they look like!

:bulletpurple: Solo characters are preferred! (I.e. Adagio Dazzle by herself and not with Aria and Sonata) (But you're still welcome to ask about doing groups, but I may reject it.)

:bulletpurple: MLP/Equestria Girls/Pokemon are what I specialize in! Please let me know if you want me to do a character that is not from any of these series, but be aware that I may reject it. (I will always reject any character from M-rated video games, R-rated movies, TV-MA rated shows and any other character that's from mature media.)

:bulletpurple: No violence/gore

:bulletpurple: No weapons

:bulletpurple: No smoking/drinking/drug usage, etc.

:bulletpurple: No backgrounds (I can't do those yet!) (I could do a very simple one, though.)

:bulletpurple: No self-insert ships

:bulletpurple: If there is a particular pose from the movie/show you would like me to do, please send me a picture of the SFW screencap so I can properly draw the character.

:bulletpurple: Let me know what you plan to commission BEFORE you pay!!!!!

:bulletpurple: Payment must be received BEFORE I can get started



You can comission me for vector art, digital art, or traditional art. Below are some examples. Click them for full size!


Traditional Art

Digital Art



RoboCheatsy has started a donation pool!
159 / 4,796

I really want to be able to upgrade the EqG Vector Club :iconeqgvectorclub: to a super group. I think it would really help this group a lot because I feel that it has little curb appeal at the moment and is in need of a face-lift. I can better organize it and develop it with a better layout, which I can only do if it is a super group. I want it to look just as great as any of these other groups! Donations of any amount help greatly.

Even just 1 point!

Also, if you donate, I'll feature your avatar here unless you don't want me to.

Thank you in advance!

Current donors: :icondahub: :iconloonyartist96: :iconorin331::iconeagc7::iconcookiechans2:
Thanks so much! :D

You must be logged in to donate.

Best Adagio Dazzle shipping? 

26 deviants said SunDagio (Sunset Shimmer x Adagio)
5 deviants said Other (please leave a comment with your choice)
2 deviants said Adaria (Aria x Adagio)
2 deviants said Adagio x Flash Sentry (this one makes me laugh! XD)
1 deviant said Adagio x Adagio (this one is a joke. XD)
No deviants said Sonata x Adagio (don't know what this one is called)


RoboCheatsy's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States

My art is a mix of traditional and digital art. A lot of times I will do digital versions of my traditional pieces. My art is chiefly fan art, for I do not usually like to draw OCs.

The majority of my work is free hand, but I like to dabble in base art and vector art.

I choose to keep my artwork safe for work so people of all ages can enjoy it, be it kids or adults. That, and NSFW really disgusts me. :puke:

I love the Dazzlings; they are the best Sirens ever, and you can't prove me wrong! I draw My Little Pony, Koopalings (rarely), and Pokemon. I post Adagio Dazzle A LOT. ^^;

When I comment on artwork, I like to try and leave something nicer that just your standard "cool" or "awesome". I like to leave something that might just make someone's day! :D

Most important thing to know about me: I HATE clop/NSFW stuff.

I think you should always Just be yourself by KittyJewelpet78. Because yourself is what people are going to like about you and what you should like about you; no sense in being someone you're not!

Little Hearts Divider (Violet) by JEricaM

Computer: MacBook Pro (2015)
Tablet: iPad Air (1) with Duet
Software: ProCreate, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Paint X Lite, etc.

Little Hearts Divider (Violet) by JEricaM

Other places you can find me:


All of my work is licensed under a Creative Commons license!
Creative Commons License

Check out my fan button below! You're welcome to use it if you're a fan of mine! :D



I just realized I've managed to totally overload myself with art projects.  I may or may not post a to do list of art.  Adagio facepalm 
Why do I love SunDagio so much?! XD
Have a look at this video please.  It's important.  Please share the link when you're done. :)

Think about it if/when you commission me or anyone else.
Going to get microphone soon so I can start posting some voice acting to my YouTube channel. Anyone know any good microphones for voice over work? :)
(Probably going to do a lot of Dazzlings stuff and some Pokémon comic dubs, maybe. Might have to make a separate channel so YouTube doesn't mess things up on my current one. Apparently you won't show up in recommended if you do too wide of a variety of things. :P )

Ever Heard of daHub?

Tue Apr 18, 2017, 6:51 AM

Now, before you think I'm a sellout, let me explain.  I found a service called dAhub that will donate points to your donation pool if you watch, fave, and give llamas to users they have featured.  I have also discovered that they have a referral network which you can join by writing a journal entry about them.  As of yet. I don't know if the service is worth it, but I'm going to check it out anyways.  If you jojntheir referral network, they'll give you 5^% of the points that are donated to them.  Now, please be aware that it is automated, so you will not be talking to a real person.  I'm hoping I'll eventually earn enough points to upgrade :iconeqgvectorclub: to a super group.  

Chedk out the service or don't check it out.  It's your choice.  See dAHub's journal for more info:


An entire widget of Dazzlings stuff. My profile page would not be complete without my favorite characters of all time.

All of the above sprites are by :iconbotchan-mlp:


I love all of languages of the world, but I do not speak them all. Below are some that I know. However, if your language is not here, you're welcome to ask my level in speaking it. :)

American English language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Japanese language level BEGINNER by TheFlagandAnthemGuy French language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy
Please note: I'm very much a beginner in speaking Japanese; I know a few phrases and suffixes, but I cannot read the Japanese alphabets.
British English language level EXPERT by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Italian language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Spanish language level BEGINNER by TheFlagandAnthemGuy
Spanish: I know a lot of basic conversational words or phrases, but I'm not very good with syntax. You can try speaking to me in Spanish, but your still best to speak to me in English (British or American).
Stamp: German Language Beginner by MafiaVamp Greek language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy

My Favorite Characters

I love these characters and nothing will change that! :heart:

Mimikyu pagedoll by Fisukenka
Mimikyu pagedoll by: :iconfisukenka:

Ships! (But not boats)


Apr 26, 2017
3:09 pm
Apr 26, 2017
12:34 pm
Apr 26, 2017
11:51 am
Apr 26, 2017
8:37 am
Apr 26, 2017
3:37 am


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